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Bathroom Ideas and Advice

August 28, 2021

Above all, the bathroom needs to be clean and tidy. But it doesn't need to be purely functional, especially if you like a good atmosphere for bubble baths or mirror selfies. Add a comfortable chair or some proper curtains. You'll be surprised at how much space it heats up. To inspire some creativity in your own home, we've gathered a range of bathroom ideas to help you create an oasis of spa-grade relaxation and style in your home. Whether you're freshening up your master bath or doing a full en-suite makeover, these suggestions will help you.


With sophisticated seating and a large floating bath in the centre of the room, you'll feel extra luxurious. Create a relaxing atmosphere with repeating circular patterns, from the rounded edges of the windows, to the wall sconces, to the seating, to the actual shape of the space and more.


Change the tile pattern

Stick to a neutral palette when designing a minimalist and contemporary bathroom, but keep it exciting and varied by layering tiles in different materials for different parts of the space, as Ishka Designs has done with this luxurious, nature-inspired bathroom.

Bathroom Acessories

 Bathroom Acessories

Stick to one colour

If you have a favourite colour, why stay away from it? Plus, sticking to a single-tone colour scheme will make things so much easier during the design process. We've also thought about how to amplify this space and turn an awkward corner into something awesome with a custom vanity and mirror.

Fashionable style 8 pcs set ceramic with metal bathroom acessories

The perfect combination of white ceramic and gold metal creates a classic and atmospheric style, making the bathroom more fashionable and upscale. Fashionable style 8 pcs set ceramic with metal bathroom acessories can be pass FDA and Californai 65 test. Shop for best bathroom accessories , welcome to contact us today or request a quote.


Adding partitions

A great way to add more privacy to a shared bathroom? Use partitions to separate the bathroom area from the bath and sink area. Even manage to make it look sexy with smoky mirrored tiles, which also make it feel bigger and exude an air of mystery and intrigue. Their silver tiles enhance this mood even more.

Letting go of the mirror

A small twist, a revolutionary impact: instead of hanging a mirror above the sink, consider displaying artwork like you did in this bathroom. Then place the hand soap and lotion on a small shelf above the sink, hang a slim pendant light instead of going the typical symmetrical route and place wall lights on either side of the sink area.


Exposing natural materials

When your home has gorgeous natural bones, leave them exposed. Materials such as brick and stone add a lot of dimension. Add colour with accessories and lustre with fancy soaps, as design firm Arent & Pyke have done with this space.


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