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When to Renovate Your Bathroom?

August 14, 2021

Looking for bathroom design ideas? Of course you are, that's why you're here! Whether you're doing a minor upgrade, a complete overhaul, or just daydreaming at your desk, a bathroom renovation can have a major impact on the way your home feels (and your skincare routine). So it's no wonder that this practical space, like the kitchen, is often a top priority when it comes to remodeling.

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Before you make any plans or go to the store to buy tile, first consider how much you really need to renovate. However, costs vary greatly depending on the current state of the space, your design plans and the cost of materials. Here are some signs that you need to remodel your bathroom.

New Style Natural Diatomite With Embossed 4pcs Set Bathroom Sets

New Style Natural Diatomite With Embossed 4pcs Set Bathroom Sets

Broken and leaking: Broken tiles, leaky faucets and broken fixtures are all signs that a bathroom needs renovation.

Outdated decor: Styles come and go, but a few outdated trends can immediately make your bathroom obsolete.

Inadequate lighting: Adequate lighting in the bathroom is important for functional tasks and can make the space look more open and bright.

Changing needs: As the dynamics of your home change, so do your bathroom needs.

Lack of space and storage: Layout changes or smart cabinetry options can increase your storage space.

Intent to sell: According to Zillow, the national average return on investment for bathroom remodeling is 70.1%. Updating your tub can increase your chances of selling.

Safety Considerations

No matter what type of renovation or DIY project you embark on, it's important to keep safety in mind. Consider these safety tips before you begin your renovation.

Equipment: Make sure all hand or power tools are in good working order, that you know how to use them properly, and that ladders or step stools are in good condition.

PPE: Wear respirators or dust masks, goggles, work gloves, etc. to help prevent accidents while working.

Ventilation: Many paints and sealants contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Open windows and doors or use fans to limit the irritation of fumes.

Permits: Check your city or county's building codes to determine if you need a permit before demolition. Not all remodeling requires a permit, but if you are moving electrical wiring, pipes or walls, you may.

Bathroom Sets

Bathroom Sets

Step 1: Make a plan

Before you head to the store to buy tile, it's worth taking the time and effort to create a plan. Make a list of all your needs and prioritize them according to your needs. From that list, you can determine which parts of the remodel you can do yourself and which projects will require professional help.

Here are some of the common elements involved in a bathroom remodel.

Location of utilities

Keeping the current layout of your bathroom will save you the most money. Anything that involves moving wires, plumbing or walls will require professional and building permits.

Light Fixtures

Replacing tubs, showers, vanities and toilets requires some plumbing or carpentry skills. For the DIYer at hand, replacing a faucet or vanity is feasible, but hire a professional to handle the complex plumbing work.


For the DIYer, putting a fresh coat of paint on a wooden vanity or wall is an easy task. Also, if your tub or shower is in good condition but could use a facelift, consider a professional surface refinishing, which is much cheaper than installing a brand new tub or shower.


Adequate lighting in a bathtub makes it more functional and attractive. Replacing old fixtures is an easy task for the experienced DIYer, but adding new ones may require the services of a professional.

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